DIY- Papier Maché Giant Easter Eggs

We were looking for a fun idea to create an Easter photo backdrop and so of course we thought, why not make giant papier maché Easter eggs. It turns out our giant eggs would make such a fun decor for your next chocolate egg hunt party!


This is my friend and collaborator, Camille, holding up her festive giant egg!



We really had fun during the photo shoot. Can’t you tell? The cool fact  about the GIANT eggs is that you can use them as a picture backdrop. I think the kids would have fun with this! And how cute would the photo souvenirs be!


I really LOVE how the abstract giant egg turned out! Which one do you prefer?


The awesome thing about papier maché is that it’s super cheap to make! All you need is cardboard (any cardboard, really), masking tape, newspaper scraps, home made glue (a mix of flour and water), some colorful paint and a whole lot of patience! Check this post out for the step by step instructions!


This is me hiding behind the egg…I’m only peeking…well… because I’m a little camera shy. (I’m working on it!!) Camille convinced me to take a picture with the egg but really, I feel so much better behind the camera. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one on this planet with that problem? Am I really?


The fun part of course, is customizing your eggs! I’m pretty sure big kids and smaller ones will have a blast!

Please let us know via Instagram if you try it out! We want to see! Tag us so we can see your creations, and we’ll regram our favorites! -Stephanie

*Want to see more papier maché DIY projects? Click here to see our papie maché Heart and over here to see our papier maché Christmas tree! Hope they inspire you to create your own!

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Free Downloads – Easter Wrapping Paper

Every celebration is a good excuse for my textile designer friend, Marie-France, and me to create more printable patterns. We love it so much we just can’t help it! Well, Easter is a pretty fun excuse to celebrate! I’m thinking a chocolate overdose and an egg hunt. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to hop down the bunny trail. Until then, I’ll just have to eat his share of the Easter loot! -Stephanie


So, we have 3 really fun patterns for you to print out for free! We thought you could use them to create some pretty cute Easter gifts. Just print them out in letter size, roll the paper into cones and fill them up with goodies. That’s a pretty easy Easter DIY project!


Go ahead and download our Estare printables! (Colorful eggs, graphic bunnies and black & white eggs). You can print some at home, or have them printed on bigger pieces of paper at your local printer. We made them 12″×18″.


These colorful eggs are my favorites! Click here to download this pattern.



How cool are these graphic black & white eggs? Download them here!


Click here to download our little graphic bunnies!


Can’t wait to see how you guys use our papers! We want to see! Tag us via Instagram so we can see your creations, and we’ll regram our favorites!

*For individual use only. Please do not use for commercial projects. Please contact us for commercial inquiries. All designs by Marie-France Auger for Baba Souk.

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Free Printable -Daily To-Do List

I worked on a new FREE printable for the DesignLoveFest blog, it’s a little daily to-do list to make your day more productive! You can download it, print it out and use it to quickly plan your day. Being an entrepreneur (and mom!), everyday seems to be a battle against the clock, so I decided I needed a little tool to plan my workday quickly and help me to be more productive. This daily “to do list” is my little secret to getting things done. Focusing on the top 3 important things I need to get done each day has been a revelation for me. I’ve tried to make it cute for you so it can be fun to print it out and use to plan your day. Hope it helps you out too! –Stephanie



Download the white one here, and the blue one over here.


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Fun Storage Buckets!

I’ve been looking for years for cute magazine buckets but somehow they all feel a bit blah. So, in collaboration with designer Casey D.Sibley, we decided it was time to create magazine buckets for the design savvy crowd. Tadam! I love them, simple, black and white with the classic cross design that never goes out of style.


Looks pretty awesome alongside our Have Mercy poster by artist Jordan Grace Owens!


The other awesome thing about these cool magazine buckets is that the size is just right! It’s big enough for magazines and books but small enough so the magazines stay upright.


We had so much fun working with Casey D.Sibley to create these neon pink cross canvas buckets! We think they make the coolest plant holders but hey, you can use them in so many other cool ways! I’m thinking it could be handy to leave one on my desk to hide some ugly clutter. They could be adorable in a washroom as well.


They make pretty cool storage for kid’s room too! -Stephanie

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