Baba Souk + Si Simple – Halloween Party

Boo! Baba Souk and Si Simple invite you to visit our loft! Festive vibe, a fun tattoo bar and lots of candy! Invite your friends, we’re going to have a lot of fun!
Saturday October 24th from noon to 6 pm. 2019, rue Moreau, suite 300, Montréal, H1W 2M1 (Near metro Préfontaine. Parking available on the street)


Boo! Baba Souk & Si Simple vous invitent à venir découvrir notre loft! Ambiance festive d’Halloween, un super bar à tattoos & plein de bonbons! Invitez vos amis, on va s’amuser! Le samedi 24 octobre de 12h à 18h! 2019, rue Moreau, suite 300, Montréal, H1W 2M1. (Tout près du métro Préfontaine. Stationnement dans la rue.)

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DIY- Graphic Pumpkin Vase & Leaf Garland

Camille & I were trying to think of a Halloween decor that we would actually love. (Forget those cheap orange plastic pumpkins!) We came up with this graphic pumpkin vase and garland idea that adds a little touch of green that fits in our boho decor.


It was super easy to put together! Here’s what you need if you want to try it for your Halloween party:

-A few inexpensive leaf branches that you can find at your local florist (or even in your garden). We chose Myrtle leaves and ferns.
-Acrylic paint: white, black and gold
-Black & white twine for the garland
-Hot glue


The first step is to carve your bigger pumpkin and remove the seeds. Then you can paint it. You may need to apply more than 1 coat of paint to get the desired opacity. When the paint is really dry, you can go ahead and add some graphic patterns with a small paintbrush. Stripes, dots and chevron will work nicely. Then you can use any plastic recipient and add water in it to use as an original vase for your leaf bouquet. White flowers would also look beautiful in this graphic pumpkin!


The little black & white pumpkin is a no brainer. Just paint it and then using your hot glue gun, add a few graphic leaves to it for a fun Scandinavian pumpkin!


The leaf garland is so fun and easy to put together! It would be a super fun craft to make with the kids. Just find some leaves that you like, (you might even find some on the ground at the park!) and paint the leaves with black acrylic. Let them dry and then add your little graphic patterns using white or gold paint. Glue the leaves to the black & white twine using your hot glue gun. We added some little unpainted myrtle leaves in between the black graphic leaves which add a little touch of green!


Try it! We’d like to see your creations! Tag @babasouk via instagram to show us your take on this Halloween DIY project. We’ll regram our favorites!

Have fun! –Stephanie

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Atelier / Workshop – Origami

We thought we’d share some pics we took over the weekend during our origami workshop, we had so much fun playing around and learning how to fold with our origami pro, Miss Cloudy. We just announced new origami workshop dates so if you want to come and play with us at our Montreal loft, our next workshop will be November 7th. Grab your place over here!

On a pensé partager quelques photos de l’atelier de lampe origami du weekend dernier. On a eu tellement de fun à jouer avec du papier! On a appris à plier avec la pro du pli, Miss Cloudy. On vient d’annoncer une nouvelle date pour le prochain atelier alors si vous voulez venir vous amuser avec nous, ce sera le 7 novembre prochain. Réservez votre place par ici!


Playing with paper is so fun and relaxing and it makes a beautiful mess!
Jouez avec du papier c’est l’fun et relaxant et puis, ça fait un joli bordel!

After working on a few origami excercises, Miss Cloudy (and her beautiful tattoo) is showing us how to start our origami lamps.
Après plusieurs petits exercices d’origami, Miss Cloudy (et son joli tattoo) nous explique comment commencer notre lampe!


Students at work. Apparently, it was more difficult than they thought!
Nos étudiants ont trouvé l’origami plus difficile que ça en avait l’air!


Having fun, playing with our hands and being inspired by one another is the whole purpose of our workshops.
On s’amuse avec nos mains et on fait des rencontres inspirantes, c’est ça le but de nos ateliers au fond!


Of course we take a little gourmet break!
Évidemment, on prend une petite pause gourmande!


Origami folding is an art, it can get very complex, but by the end of the workshop, everybody was able to make a lamp.
L’origami c’est tout un art du pli et ça peut devenir très compliqué! Mais à la fin de l’atelier, tous les participants ont été capables de fabriquer une lampe!




Keep an eye on our future workshops, subscribe to our newsletter.
Tenez-vous au courant de nos futurs ateliers en vous inscrivant à notre bulletin de nouvelles!
-Stephanie & Pauline

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Leaf Posters – Free Printable!

You have probably noticed the big leaf buzz in the interior decorating world lately. Fern leaves, monstera & palm leaves are in the spotlight! We love this trend and so I’ve decided to make some printable leaf artwork for my collab with the Designlovefest blog. If you need to add a little boho touch to your decor, just go ahead and print out these 4 leaf prints! We’d love to see them in your pics! Tag us via Instagram so we can see. Have fun! –Stephanie


4 leaf prints (free printable), This rug, this handira blanket.



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DIY Workshops / Ateliers –Montréal



DIY Workshops –Montréal
In collaboration with Miss Cloudy, Baba Souk is hosting a series of creative workshops in its colorful Montreal loft!

We’d like to invite you to a creative party! Join us and rediscover the joy of working with your hands! Meet inspiring people and enjoy a festive snack. No need to be an accomplished artist to subscribe, the only requirement is to be willing to have some fun!

Welcome to our world, a world of confetti, funky colors, creative crafts and a big dose of inspiration! Click here for more info.

Ateliers DIY -Montreal
Baba Souk, en collaboration avec Miss Cloudy, vous présente une série d’ateliers festifs en vous accueillant dans leur loft coloré, complètement Baba!  

On vous invite à une fête créative où l’on retrouve soudainement le plaisir de créer avec nos mains! Rencontres inspirantes et goûter festif sont au rendez-vous. Nul besoin d’être une artiste accomplie pour vous inscrire, seule l’envie de vous amuser est requise! 

Bienvenue dans notre monde, un monde de confettis, de couleurs funky, de bricolages raffinés et de créations inspirées. Par ici pour plus d’infos!

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