Our New Moroccan Rug Collection!

We were so happy with our new Moroccan rug collection, we decided that in order to show you guys how cool they would look in your home, we needed to shoot them in a real decor so it would give you an idea of their full potential. This is when we decided to partner with this very cool Montreal-based company (which is making a hit in the US as well) called Breather. Have you heard of it? It’s such a cool concept.They have spaces (very cool spaces) you can rent for your meetings or for many other events like team training, small conferences, consultations with clients, workshops and hey!…photoshoots.The cool thing about Breather is that you can rent their spaces by the hour. So if you don’t have a space to run a short meeting with your clients, they have the perfect spot. (Click here for 1 free hour with coupon code BABASOUK)

I don’t want to lie to you, it was a heck of an adventure! First of all, we had to pack everything, bring all sorts of Baba treasures along with us, so we were not traveling light, if you see what I mean. To make things even wilder, we could not decide which Breather space we preferred, so we tried 3 different spots in 1 week! (Ok…that’s like moving 3 times in a week, without a guy with strong arms!) But, anyway, now that the sweat is behind us, I can say we had so much fun and it was totally inspiring. Here are my favorite rugs from our new collection snapped in Breather spaces. I think it’s so cool to see them in such modern, well-designed spaces.


This azilal Moroccan rug was photographed in this cozy Old Montreal Breather space on St-Nicolas Street.


Same spot, different rug. How cool does it look combined with this mint lamp and chair? The mint chair has been on my mind ever since.


We had no luck with the weather the morning we shot this stunning berber carpet… but anyhow, it was so colorful that we forgot it was pouring rain outside! This super intimate Breather spot is hidden in the up-and-coming St-Henri, Montreal neighborhood. A super quiet spot for a meeting with your co-workers.


One of my very fave rugs from our new Boucherouite collection looks stunning in this equally mouth-dropping Breather space located right in downtown Montreal. I highly recommend this spot. Breathtaking, really.


One thing I really enjoyed about teaming up with Breather is that they have an eye for good design. The chairs, tables and accessories in their spaces are so good that we didn’t have to worry about finding the perfect furniture. I have a huge crush on the chair above. How cool is it paired with this stunning Moroccan rug from our new collection?


I can’t finish this post without saying a huge heartfelt thank you to my favorite stylist and precious collaborator, Camille (That’s her!) She totally rocked with this crazy idea of mine. Thanks girl, I know I’m a bit over the top! 😉

Check out our new Azilal and Boucherouite rug collection right here. They tend to fly out of the shop fast these days so don’t miss out, shop now! -Stephanie

PS: Don’t forget to grab your free Breather hour here with coupon code BABASOUK.

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Easter Eggs DIY -Confetti, Fringes & Gold

Are you still wondering how to decorate your Easter table this weekend? We have a fun and easy DIY for you guys! You’ll see it’s super easy, the hardest part is blowing out the eggs! I had totally forgotten how awkward blowing out eggs is. Anyways, Camille and I had a good laugh! 🙂


What you’ll need for this craft project:
-Eggs in their cardboard box
-1 needle
-2-3 different colors of tissue paper
-Gold metallic paper
-Hot glue and a glue stick
-Gold spray paint (optional)
-White paper
-Black felt pen
-A bag of confetti

Step 1 is the hardest and it’s all about blowing out the eggs. Take your needle and make 5mm holes. Take a deep breath. Don’t take yourself too seriously! 😉 Now that it’s done, take a break and choose your tissue papers. Cut out some fringes using your scissors. It should look like these fringes in the picture above. We also used metallic paper to make some more fringes. You know we love to add a little gold here and there.


Now use your glue gun to secure your tissue paper fringes around your toothpick. You can mix the tissue paper fringes with the gold ones. Next, insert your toothpick in the hole you already made to blow out your egg. You can glue the bottom of the toothpick with your hot glue.


If you want to make your Easter eggs even more festive, use your glue stick and plaster your egg with glue. Then role it in confetti. This step makes it so adorable, I really don’t know why we didn’t think of it earlier! We used the egg cardboard box and cut it out a bit to make sure it would not hide our cute eggs. We spray painted the box with gold paint. So chic, right?


Now to the final touches. Use the gold box and eggs as a centerpiece or cut out your box to make single egg stands and use them as name holders. Just write down each guest’s name on a little piece of paper. We thought our napkins looked super cute on this Easter table. (we used this dotted napkin and this one with little triangles) We also could not resist this gold flatware from West Elm.


Tag us via Instagram if you try out this Easter craft, we want to see your beautiful creations! Happy Easter friends! Please have fun and eat too much chocolate! -Stephanie

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Workshops! Baba Souk x Miss Cloudy

In collaboration with Miss Cloudy, Baba Souk is hosting a series of creative workshops in its colorful Montreal loft! These picture were taken during our Valentine’s Day flower workshop. We had so much fun playing with flowers with the talented flower artist Hiromi Ono. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever.






Our next workshop will be so sweet! We’ve invited the talented cookie artist Johanie Les Biscuits  for a special Easter workshop! You’re invited to the Baba loft, Saturday, March 26th, for a fun workshop where we’ll learn to make the prettiest egg and bunny cookies ever! The objective of this workshop is not to learn how to bake cookies but how to decorate cookies like a pro using royal icing! More info over here! -Stephanie

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Free Downloads – Valentine’s Day Wrapping Papers

In collaboration with our talented friend, Marie-France Auger, we created these fun Valentine’s Day gift-wrapping papers that you can print out from home. They’re free! Go ahead and download them below. We designed them just for you!


We thought it could be cute to pair this conversational hearts print with pastel pompoms. We love the sweet look it gives to the gifts and kids will definitely have fun with this one!  All you need is a little ball of wool. As for making the poms, it’s super easy. Just enter “how to make a pompom” in YouTube and you’ll be served.

Click here to download the conversational hearts wrapping paper.



Hippies at heart (like me) might prefer this idea. I’m totally into using fresh flowers to decorate my gifts. Adding a few daisies to this Peace & Love paper design is a sure hit! Just use your glue gun so they don’t fall off.


Click here to download the Peace & Love wrapping paper.

valentines-day-wrapping-paper-free-download Click here to download the conversational hearts wrapping paper and here to download the Peace & Love wrapping paper.

Have you checked our top 20 Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

Peace & Love, -Stephanie

Styling: Baba Souk & Camille Picard.
*Our wrapping paper designs are for individual use only. Please do not use for commercial projects. Please contact us for commercial inquiries. All designs by Marie-France Auger for Baba Souk.

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Valentine’s Day Floral Workshop / Atelier floral spécial St Valentin – Hiromi Ono

During this special Valentine’s Day workshop, floral artist Hiromi Ono will show you how to create 4 very simple and stunning bouquets inspired by the Japanese tradition. You’ll leave with your 4 bouquets in hand, ready to gift to your loved ones! It’s February 14th, all the details over here. FR: En cette belle journée de la Saint-Valentin, l’artiste et fleuriste Hiromi Ono vous proposera 4 façons de créer des petits bouquets simples et faciles à réaliser, inspirés par l’art floral japonais. Vous repartirez avec vos 4 bouquets en main, parfaits pour propager de l’amour autour de vous! C’est dimanche le 14 février, par ici pour tout les détails! -Stephanie




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