John, Yoko & Frida Prints

Have you seen these new prints? How cute are John & Yoko! This is a special artwork made exclusively for Baba Souk by London artist Viktorija. They remind us of what really matters, PEACE & LOVE. I’m going to frame these friends for my bedroom!


Prints are $22 and make a super sweet gift! Grab one over here.


Celebrate the memory of Frida, a strong-headed woman with a creative voice of her own. A very talented lady, cheeky enough to pursue her work regardless of what everybody thought. Doesn’t she make you think of one of your friends? -Stephanie

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Black & White Trend

This is my latest post for the Marion House Book blog. We’ve just moved into a tiny house and I hate to admit it, but my 5 month-old baby boy’s room still isn’t put together!  As you can imagine, moving and renovating with a tiny baby is quite the challenge. Anyhow, I’ve been collecting many pictures of cool decor ideas for his room. I’m really into the monochromatic black and white trend. I’d like to use a bright accent color and add some artworks as well to keep it fun. What do you think of this black & white trend? – Stephanie


1. via the boo and the boy, 2. via kotipalapeli  3.Via Van Pauline’s Instagram 4.Via apieceofcake82’s instagram 5. Via the mackpar blog 6.Uknown source

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The Cutest Vases

These little handmade vases by Japanese artist Lee Ros are just too cute for words. I just adore the way you can change their hairdo by adding just a handful of flowers. Adorbs! The perfect gift for your quirky girlfriend or your little niece! (Warning: You might be tempted to keep it for yourself!) They just make everybody smile. Click over here to shop! -Stephanie


Pink Lady Vase


Kokeshi Vase


Dotto Vase


Feste Vase

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Cake Toppers!

We just added these adorable cake toppers to the shop! They are handmade by the Hana Brewster, the talented lady behind the Hello Plum Studio. Add a little festive touch to your cake, your cupcakes or cookies with these reusable cake toppers because today is an awesome day to celebrate! Best part, they are reusable -Stephanie





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