baba who?

Welcome to our world, a world of confetti, of funky colors, of floral fabrics, of fascinating jaunts into the souks, a fresh dose of inspiration.
If you have ever shrieked with joy at the sight of a beautiful swatch of fabric, a pompom, a button, a neon accessory or a piece of recycled paper, you are one of us, you’re passionate!  

We would love to share these little delights with you, to inspire you, to make you smile, to stir your creative juices!

Hi there! My name is Stephanie, I’m a passionate kind of person.
I was a fashion designer for several years for a major Canadian retailer. As much as I enjoyed it, I am now really proud to call myself an indie designer!

You could also say I’m a hunter, with a keen eye for design & beauty. Without a doubt, I can say that finding talent in others is my very best quality.

I have this dream of creating an inspiration oasis with my Baba Souk online boutique; a place for creative collaboration! Oh…actually let me rectify here, it’s not a dream, it’s actually my goal!  
Baba Souk is a hub to present my own designs, some great handmade finds and to showcase & promote rad indie designers!
Let me introduce you to one of my greatest collaborators, a friend and someone I look up to. Her name is Sheila and she has a true creative soul.

We absolutely love to create together. We’re both crazy about design, fashion, blogs, travel, and especially creativity. We feel nourished by everything beautiful, festive, and lovely

For us, happiness lies in creating, hunting for treasure, combining colors, organizing photo shoots, laughing and evolving!
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